Apply For Grants

The 2013 CRESH small grants program is now CLOSED.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant? 


  • individuals and organizations that provide direct service to children and families
    • teachers, schools, and school district personnel
    • community health providers
    • clinicians in private practice
    • others in the health, human services, and educational fields

CRESH grants are NOT available for university-affiliated faculty research projects. Employees of CRESH and their relatives may not apply.

What kind of project is eligible for a grant? 

In order to receive a CRESH grant, projects must:

  • implement a new evidence-based social-emotional health intervention within your service setting:
    • this must be a new program for your service setting and
    • there must be research evidence showing that it is effective
      • it should be included in the registries list, or
      • it should be reported in a peer-review journal as having positive child outcomes
    • target social/emotional health for children and families
    • evaluate the benefits of the intervention by measuring outcomes for children

You can click here for registries of evidence-based interventions.

  • In addition, projects must fall under one of the program areas listed below. Please read the program area descriptions carefully to be sure your application qualifies
    • Bully Prevention
    • Social Skills
    • Emotional Literacy
    • Social and Emotional Learning

How much funding is available and what can I use it for? 

The maximum CRESH grant is $1000.  

Funds must be used to implement evidence-based interventions for social-emotional health for children and families. You can use the money for:

  • Staffing
  • Curricula
  • Other intervention materials

How are grants evaluated?

The following four criteria will be used to evaluate each grant application: 

  • Significance: What problem is being addressed and what is the likely impact on children's social-emotional health?
  • Quality of evaluation: Is there an adequate evaluation is place such that benefits for children can be demonstrated? 
  • Feasibility: Is the planned intervention and evaluation realistic within the service setting and in the timeframe described?  
  • Sustainability: How will the benefits be maintained over time? Will additional resources be necessary and if so, is there a plan in place for obtaining those resources?

How do I submit a grant?

All information for a grant must be uploaded online using the CRESH application. Each application requires the information listed below.  You may want to write up these sections in a word processing program and then copy them into your application or download a practice copy in PDF format.

  • Needs analysis: Describe why this project is needed for your population and setting (limit 500 words)
  • Participants: Describe how many children you will be targeting, their age range, and any family members you will include (limit 500 words)
  • Measures: List the measures you will use to evaluate your intervention (include author and publication information, if available)
  • Timeline:  Specify start and end dates and describe the time table for the various components of the project
  • Sustainability: Describe your plan for continuing the intervention once this grant ends. How will the benefits be maintained over time? Will additional resources be necessary and if so, how do you plan to obtain those resources?

What will NOT get funded?

  • Projects that use non-evidence-based interventions
  • Projects conducted outside of the Unites States (no non-US charities, businesses, or individuals)
  • Projects outside of the specified program areas
  • Budgets that include travel or food  

Important FY 2013 deadlines

  • Grant application made available for submissions:  March 31, 2013
  • Application due date:  May 10, 2013, 5:00 pm EST
  • Award notifications: July 15, 2013
  • Funds released to awardees: September 1, 2013 (contingent on completion of all award related paperwork)